Welcome to geotypes.net

"For several years, we have been presenting work we did toghether, such as our coastal typology, at various scientific meetings and workshops. It was always very motivating to notice the interest our work was generating but it was also striking to hear the same two questions over and over: "Is it published yet?" and "Will you make these data available?"
Global Coastal typology map
These two questions were our main motivations to create this website in 2011: yes, several papers have now been published and we definitely want to make these data as widely accessible as possible.
This website provides access to some of our projects and associated data. It is not an exhaustive overview of our respective work but rather a collection of the part of our work that can be summarized as typifications or typologies of certain features of the surface of the Earth. We'll continue to populate this website with more projects; and the download page with (hopefully) useful files, data and scripts related to our typological works."
Goulven & Hans