Hans H. Dürr

Hans DürrHans H. Dürr is a Research Assistant Professor in Biogeochemical Modeling within the Ecohydrology Group, funded through the CERC Chair, Philippe van Cappellen. (See group's webpage)

His primary interest to date is in regional to global scale analysis of water resources, typologies of river and coastal systems and material fluxes such as nutrients and sediments, and their dynamics at the land-ocean interface. Recently, he returned to catchment scale, especially on submarine groundwater discharge and on modeling of Arctic hydrology and hydrochemistry. With fields of expertise including GIS, hydrology, geochemistry and modeling, Hans published 30 peer-reviewed scientific papers, gave several presentations as invited speaker and over 50 other presentations (oral and poster) at conferences, official meetings, or other communications and lectures.

Goulven G. Laruelle

Goulven Laruelle Goulven Gildas Laruelle is Post Doctoral researcher specialized in the biogeochemical dynamics of nutrients and carbon in coastal marine system working at the Université Libre de Bruxelles (ULB, Belgium). His experience includes the development of various types of models ranging from a high resolution 2D biogeochemical/hydrological model of the Bay of Brest to a global box model of the silicon cycle and his expertise also includes marine ecology, nutrient and carbon dynamics, upscaling techniques and GIS.

Since 2011, he has been working at the Université Libre de Bruxelles in the research department of Prof. Pierre Regnier (see biogeomod.net) in the framework of Geocarbon. His current research focuses on CO2 exchange fluxes at the air-water interface in continental waters, with a particular focus on estuaries and continental shelf seas.

Goulven also practices Historical European Martial Arts and occasionaly works as actor/stunt performer on stage and in movies.